Sunday, November 30, 2008

Relax this Holiday

Whew! Thanksgiving is now past and its time to get serious about buying gifts. Some of you might already be finished if you stuck to my plan of buying gifts every week since September. I confess that even though I have done some shopping I did not quite stick to the plan. I'm not worried though because I can get everything here at The Boulevard and still continue my quest to support small business owners.

Of course you know that the holidays always involve lots of parties and dinners that in turn involves hostess gifts or maybe secret Santa. Look no further than The Boulevard! Our cutting board collection by Milkweed is the perfect option. We have tons of styles featuring original art work from local artists. So go ahead and relax this holiday. The Boulevard has every gift you need, a parking lot, and relaxing environment far away from the mall!

-XOXO Shop Girl

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