Thursday, February 25, 2010

Punxsutawney Phil - you sly devil

Despite the temperatures outside...the Boulevard at Noda is going to get ready for Spring! We put our IT jeans on sale at 30% off and our winter fashions at 70% off because we need to make room for all our spring fashions. We have new dresses, shorts, skirts and tunics coming next month. This works out great since Mr. Punxs said six more weeks of winter and its week three.

I am ready to put away my winter scarves, hats and jackets. I want to see the 'Derby Days' hats come out. I want to look for my next favorite pair of open toe shoes. Not to mention, my legs need to see a little sunlight...not much, just enough so people realize I get my full value of Vitamin D.

So, if you are ready for Spring too....tell that sly devil, the groundhog, that we are going to move on. Because the day we see Spring emerge...I am going to be out dining al fresco and doing it with style!