Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Farewell Noda

We are closing the BLVD at NODA on Tuesday, April 26th. We have enjoyed 5 wonderful and successful years in Noda. Why leave?

There are many reasons but its the cumulative effect that led us to this very difficult decision. Over the last 9 months we saw the bulk of the galleries close, with that the change or shift in crawl traffic. We are at the end of our 5 year lease which brought along much elevated rents. Put those two factors together with a different environment, we felt that retail was not the best business to find success in Noda. So that is why we are leaving.

We are not sure if we are going anywhere else. What we had in Noda was perfect. Great neighborhood with pedestrian traffic, great 'small town' feel, tourist traffic, summertime crowds, and culture that was ripe and amazing. Not sure where we will ever experience this again. We have our eyes open, but so far nothing has sparked our interest.

So, keep in touch with our website, facebook and twitter. We will be active, especially if something new and wonderful happens.

We loved being part of Noda and will miss it dearly, but at the same time, thrilled that Noda continues to grow in popularity and thrive.