Sunday, November 30, 2008

Relax this Holiday

Whew! Thanksgiving is now past and its time to get serious about buying gifts. Some of you might already be finished if you stuck to my plan of buying gifts every week since September. I confess that even though I have done some shopping I did not quite stick to the plan. I'm not worried though because I can get everything here at The Boulevard and still continue my quest to support small business owners.

Of course you know that the holidays always involve lots of parties and dinners that in turn involves hostess gifts or maybe secret Santa. Look no further than The Boulevard! Our cutting board collection by Milkweed is the perfect option. We have tons of styles featuring original art work from local artists. So go ahead and relax this holiday. The Boulevard has every gift you need, a parking lot, and relaxing environment far away from the mall!

-XOXO Shop Girl

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A blast from the (super) past

Yesterday I went to the Pompeii exhibit at Discovery Place. I highly recommend it to people of all ages. What I found to be the most interesting thing was how much our modern day existence resembles the everyday life of Pompeians 2,000 years ago. They had fast food, dry cleaners, they wore make-up, perfume, and JEWELRY. To my surprise, the jewelry they wore looks a lot like what we would consider fashionable today. I was even comparing it to pieces we have in The Boulevard and some of the rings reminded me of the rings sold by Endia Ink (see picture). Endia Ink is a new vendor here and not only does she sell these classically beautiful rings that she designs herself, but also greeting cards of her original art work. Learn more about her at I know you probably already planning to stop by during the crawl tomorrow night so make sure you have a look at what Endia Ink has to offer!
-XOXO Shop Girl

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Boulevard

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Funky Vintage Birdcages

I've always wanted a bird in a rusty decorative cage. Everyone keeps telling me that birds are too messy so I keep talking myself out of it. I just think it would make me feel a little more like royalty when I came home. Of course the cage has to be pretty and in a perfect world someone else would clean up after it for me! Well, The Boulevard now has the perfect cages for this fantasy. There are lots of sizes and each one is unique. The prices are affordable too! I can imagine so many things to put in it (other than my Finches) like wouldn't twinkly lights look cool in there or a Barbie doll swinging in the middle? I could even put a fake bird in there and cover it with glitter! Oh the possibilities...

-XOXO Shop Girl

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What to get a man for Christmas?

I don't know about you, but I have the hardest time picking out gifts for my dad! Its very tough to find just the right thing that isn't nose hair trimmers or a hot pink tie. Well, look no further than The Boulevard this year. One of our newest vendors, Ponel, sells the perfect thing...succulent plants in handmade planters. These are great because the maintenance is very low and some of them will even bloom flowers! The planters are all in very organic, earthy tones that will go with any body's decor. You also will not believe the affordability. Ask a shop girl to point these out next time you stop by. In keeping my trend of supporting small businesses I will be buying a couple of these so you better get here soon!

-XOXO Shop Girl