Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey Charlotte...Noda ROCKS!

The Boulevard is a hidden gem. I am of course, very biased since I work here. But I hear from just about everyone who walks in that they LOVE our shop...even guys tell us that! So why is it that so many Charlotteans stay away? Is Noda a scary place or are we just too far from the beaten path to take the drive?

Just about every business here in Noda has been featured in the news, front page in various newspapers, magazine articles including all the major travel magazines, awards and the list goes on. With so many businesses in Noda making the news...we still remain 'unvisited' by much of Charlotte.

The visitors bureau told me that Noda was the most requested area of town. So we definitely have a good thing going. So, if you have not visited Noda yet and you live in Charlotte. Make it a priority.

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