Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get Your Home Ready for Your Holiday Visitors!

Isn't funny, how you are fine with your home all year long, and then its time for the holiday's and guests will arrive soon, and you start to notice that your walls are bare, your couch could use some decorative pillows, and so on... We can help you make your home a little more cozy for you company! First, you can fill any bare wall with original artwork by NoDa local, Mary Digby ($45-$75). Then, throw some decorative pillows on your sofa! Milkweed's throw pillows are printed with local artwork, so not only are they so cute, but they actually can become a conversation piece ($35)! Only one week left until Thanksgiving, so let the shop girls help you get your home ready for all of your visitors!!
Shop Girl

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Federica said...

What a lovely blog!
Greetings from Italy!

P.s. Come visit me, there's a lovely Christmas Giveaway!