Friday, October 30, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Its that time of year...we play the game of 'what to get ____'. Its fun for some, but not all feel that way. So, the Blvd at NoDa has come up with a program....called Miracle on 36th Street. Its this simple. Fill out a wish list....then give us your man's name...we call him in for a happy hour with proper happy hour goodies and help him shop off your wish list. Yes...its that easy.

Boulevard Shop Girls have come up with a form that asks questions and helps understand what you like and why. That way when your man comes in to shop for you and your first pick was sold (this is common in a shop with one of a kind pieces of jewelry and pottery) we can steer him to the next best item with confidence you will be equally happy with your pick.

So, ladies...its easy...come in and fill out your wish list and we will do the rest. There...the game is over and won! Score is WIN-WIN

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