Friday, January 16, 2009

Gallery Crawl, be a regular...

Tonight's the night! Yep, its Gallery Crawl again. People often wonder if NoDa even has Gallery Crawl during the winter months and the answer is YES. I know the temperature is going to drop this evening, so make The Boulevard your first stop and grab a new hat, gloves, and a scarf!

I think a lot of folks are under the impression that if you've been to one crawl you seen everything. This is just not true! Vendors here are always adding new merchandise prior to the crawls (check out new Valentine's bottles from KayDeeKay, see pic), Lark and Key rotates artists frequently, as does Green Rice Gallery. There's always something to see and plenty of good places to eat in the neighborhood. (A Boulevard favorite: Cabo Fish Taco). Make yourself a regular starting tonight! Come by The Boulevard and meet the Shop Girls. Don't leave us hanging though, you have stop by for the next crawl too.

Let's keep NoDa's commitment to the arts strong and unique during 2009!

-XOXO Shop Girl

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